Through our flagship festival, Eat Drink Bristol Fashion was borne out of a desire to celebrate the very best of the Bristol food scene. We not only showcased the glut of great restaurants and chefs in the area, but also the wealth of local producers and suppliers. We grew the business with a strong 'field to fork' ethos - working as closely as possible with producers in Bristol and Somerset. Some of our ingredients were grown in Bristol itself and travel only 1 mile to reach us! 

Alongside supporting local food systems we wanted to look the other ways we operated to make our venues operate as sustainably as possible. We reviewed our resource use, our full supply chain and also how we could have a positive impact on our local community and staff team. Sustainability is a journey and we're always taking steps to improve. 

 Our venues Yurt Lush and root do their bit. yurt lush is proud to sport the three star Sustainable Restaurant Association rating and root was opened with the sra's backing - an organisation that supports over 6000 food service sites in achieving tangible and measurable change. At Yurt Lush we want to promote the importance of sustainability in the industry and achieving the SRA's three stars puts us in the top 81% of sustainable restaurants in the South West.

Amelia Twine, one of the original Eat Drink Bristol Fashion founding four, is a trustee of the SRA. She works alongside foodie greats such as Prue Leith and Raymond Blanc

We're proud to say:

~ we support the local economy by accepting the Bristol Pound in all our venues

~ we were the first company in the UK to pay it's energy bills in a local currency

~ we build our venues using reclaimed material wherever possible

~ all waste is separated and recycled/reused where possible. General waste is sent to an RDF facility

~ we have at least one designated charity each year that we support through sales and events