Root to replace Chicken Shed at Cargo

A taste of things to come at Root, our new dining concept at Cargo

A taste of things to come at Root, our new dining concept at Cargo

In a bold and exciting move, we will be waving goodbye to Chicken Shed and saying hello to our new dining concept Root, at Cargo on Wapping Wharf

Our ethos has always put sustainability at the heart of ouroperations, closing Chicken Shed and opening Root in its place has enabled us to put vegetables at the heart of this new venture, switching convention to make meat dishes the side options on the menu.

With high profile backing from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, transforming the concept is designed to help raise awareness of the environmental benefits of eating more veg and encourage diners to consider the numerous health benefits which are attributed to eating less meat.

Rob Howell, formerly of The Pony & Trap in Chew Magna and Ondine in Edinburgh will be assuming the Head Chef role while Meg Oakley, also of The Pony & Trap will join experienced General Manager Domhnaill Barnes to run the Front of House operation. 

Our own Amelia Twine, had this to say:

“For many years it’s been an ambition to open a restaurant that puts vegetables front and centre on the menu and it is exciting to be able to do so as part of Eat Drink Bristol Fashion family.

“In short, vegetables are an amazing food source and there are so many wonderful dishes that we’ll be able to offer. We still love meat and we’ll still serve it, but by giving veg star billing and making meat the supporting cast, we hope to make people think a bit more about the food they’re eating, how it got on their plate and what impact it has on health.” 

The U-turn which switches emphasis from meat to veg stems from issues faced in ensuring Chicken Shed remained a truly sustainable operation in serving high grade organic fried chicken.

Josh Eggleton added:

“We opened Chicken Shed last September with a goal to become the first chicken shop in the country to serve high quality organic chicken across the whole menu.

“In keeping with the ethos of Eat Drink Bristol Fashion we felt it was possible to serve “guilt free” organic chicken. Chicken that was sustainable, of the highest welfare and sold at a fair price.

“While we feel we achieved that, the reality is that we faced a number of challenges which meant either our values or our whole business would be compromised in the long term.

“As organic chickens live longer, the pieces are larger with thicker skin which ironically does not make for the best fried chicken. In latter weeks we experimented by serving organic crowns and free range pieces which improved our product in taste but countered the initial concept of an organic, guilt free chicken shop.

“We went back to the drawing board and came up with Root, which better aligns with our sustainable aims and company values.”

In the kitchen, Head Chef Rob Howell is looking to put his mark on Eat Drink Cargo and is excited for the new challenge... he had this to say:

“Having spent four years at The Pony & Trap with two as Head Chef, launching and running a restaurant has long been the goal and I can’t wait to get going with Domhnaill and Meg at Root.

“Recently I’ve spent some time doing stages in Denmark, in London at Elystan Street and Outlaw’s at the Capital, and perhaps best of all, Bristol’s very own Casamia with Pete Sanchez Iglesias.”

“It’s no secret that the West country is an unrivalled area for top class produce and I believe that it’s a chef’s responsibility to work sustainably and make that most of that.

“Veg small plates will be at the heart of Root’s menu but we’ll still be using amazing fish and meat from the region to create interesting side dishes. In addition they’ll be an extensive wine list incorporating natural and biodynamic wines that will bring out the best in the food. All in all, we’re confident that it’s going to be a fun place to visit that will add to Bristol’s vibrant food scene which is now getting international recognition.”

Root opens at Cargo in the evening on Wednesday 2nd August serving a range of small plates in a regularly changing menu.

INTERVIEW - Amelia Twine, EDBF Director and SRA Board Member

What is the Sustainable Restaurant Association?

The SRA is a membership organisation that rates restaurants on how sustainable their operations are basing their rating on three 'pillars' - sourcing, environment and society.

How did you become a board member?

As part of our 2013 and 2015 Queen Square festivals we held two Sustainable Food Summits at Eat Drink Bristol Fashion which quite simply explored how to make the restaurant industry in Bristol more sustainable. Following these events I was invited to become an SRA board member in 2016.

How is Eat Drink Bristol Fashion involved with the SRA?

We're delighted to say that Yurt Lush, our restaurant and cafe has the highest SRA rating - a three star rating which means Yurt Lush has achieved some of the highest standards in 14 key areas which include using fairtrade Local & Seasonal produce, sourcing Ethical Meat & Dairy, supporting ethical farmers, serving Sustainable Fish, Treating People Fairly, offering balanced menu options, marketing responsibly, saving water, reducing food waste and using energy efficiently

How does your company ethos align with SRA's onjectives?

Our company was christened with a strong 'field to fork' ethos - where we initially aimed to work with local producers and suppliers as much as possible when designing our menus. This grew into aspiring to achieve greater sustainability in other areas of our sourcing and operations. In wanting to promote our efforts and be transparent about our sustainability journey we wanted to achieve SRA rating to increase the visibility of what we were doing, giving customers an immediately recognisable stamp of good practice. 

How are Bristol restaurants fareing?

Outside of London, Bristol is one of the most SRA restaurant populated cities. We have some really strong contenders - Friska, Poco, Bordeaux Quay, the Canteen and Boston Tea Party are all rated along with others. This ties in with the overall 'movement' in Bristol - there are many groups that are vocal in their support of change in national and global food systems. 

Aims for the future?

We want to maintain a strong trajectory, continuing to open new venues whose menus are built with a sustainable foundation and strong ethical conscience.




    JOB! Assistant Manager at Yurt Lush required

    The Eat Drink Bristol Fashion team are looking for an enthusiastic and committed individual to help us drive Yurt Lush through its next stage of development. A cafe in a Yurt that strives to offer locally sourced and sustainable food, Yurt Lush is a cafe, bar and venue with a difference. 

    The right candidate will have strong hospitality skills as well as some management experience; especially cash and man management. Experience in bar, barista and table service goes without saying, but most importantly we are looking for somebody with a passion for great food, sustainability and excellent service.

    Working alongside senior management you will be responsible for much of the day to day running of the business whilst always having the support of the general manager to aid and assist your professional development.

    Initiative and self motivation are essential to help drive this dedicated team forward in an environment where your voice will be heard and you can have a direct impact on our direction. This is a continuously evolving business and there is great scope for development for the right individual.

    To apply, please send your C.V. and a brief covering email to

    Yurt Bistro - Earth Hour Candlelit Supper

    In support of Earth Hour 2017, on Saturday 25 March we'll be hosting a very special candlelit #YurtBistro service in solidarity with millions of people, businesses, and landmarks around the globe who are hosting events and switching off their lights between 8.30pm and 9.30pm to make noise for climate change action.

    Our menu will be sustainable as ever featuring Earth Hour inspired specials and by joining us you'll be showing your support for climate change action and the Paris Climate Agreement.

    2 courses - £15
    3 courses - £18

    BOOK NOW! Call or text on 07582 048090

    Join the Facebook Event here.

    JOB! Chicken Shed is recruiting for a Chef!

    We are looking for a highly motivated and committed chef to join our team at an exciting time for Chicken Shed.

    We need someone with a passion for quality food who understands the importance of

    A large part of the job will revolve around following processes, but as we look to grow the business there will be the opportunity to feed in to the decision making process and stamp your own mark on what we produce and sell.

    You will be expected to maintain our high standards of food hygiene and motivate the team to excel in all areas, whilst ensuring that the customers expectations are exceeded at every possible point.

    We offer a competitive salary for the right candidate as well as the
    opportunity to be involved in a growing project from the beginning.

    Please email with your C.V. and a brief cover letter explaining why you are the right person for the job.

    EDBF Supporting Global Farmers - Our suppliers and the SRA

    The Sustainable Restaurant Association's 'Support Global Farmers' campaign is calling on the whole foodservice and hospitality sector, to serve only Good coffee – that’s coffee that’s good for the people growing it, good for the environment and, of course, good for business. And that's the coffee we serve. 

    While we are proud to say that the majority of our produce is local to the South West, when it comes to coffee we have to look further afield! And while our coffee suppliers at Wogan Coffee roast their beans right here in Bristol, the coffee of course comes from climes the other side of the world. 

    Wogan Coffee have long worked with La Bastilla farm in Nicaragua. The farm covers 311 hectares, of which 160 hectares are currently dedicated to the production of coffee, with the potential of 190 hectares being used in this way. La Bastilla Farm has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance since 2003 and has a continuous programme of improvement.

    Wogan is committed to sourcing coffee ethically and its relationship with the owner of this estate and are proud to sponsor the education of three children on the estate and have been able to partner them up with three students from city of Bristol college.  The team at Wogan even got a chance to meet them when visiting the estate this winter.

    "We travelled to Nicaragua, Central America this winter to visit the Estate.  We have a long standing relationship with the owner of the estate and this gave us the opportunity to not only see where our coffee comes from and meet the workers who produce these wonderful beans but also to meet the three students we sponsor through the ‘teach a man to fish’ education charity.

     A very humbling part of the visit was meeting the students whose education we sponsor from the age of 13 to 18, when they are awarded their baccalaureate.   Each of the students must apply for and attend an interview, pass an entrance exam and show the correct attitude towards their education before being accepted by the school  The funding we provide helps to pay for teaching staff, accommodation and food for both the students and staff as well as resources for the school.

    We saw their classrooms which were kitted out with microscopes, chemical testing kits and foods charts in order to learn about healthy living.   It really was very humbling to meet these incredibly happy and  grateful students.  You can view their progress reports on our  La Bastilla students page"

    JOB! Chicken Shed needs a new Assistant Manager

    We are looking for a new Assistant Manager to join the Chicken Shed team at Wapping Wharf.  

    From the  Eat Drink Bristol Fashion team that brought you the Queen Square tipi festivals and Yurt Lush, the business strives to be sustainable and traceable wherever possible. 

    Built on a desire to serve high quality guilt free food, Chicken Shed is a chicken shop with a difference.

    The right candidate will have a strong background in hospitality as well as management experience. Initiative and self motivation are essential to help drive this small but dedicated team forward in an environment where your opinion counts and will have an impact on the company's direction. 

    This is a continuously evolving business and there is great scope for development of the right individual. 

    To apply with your CV or for more information, please email

    Introducing the Yurt Bistro

    Yurt Lush, the city's much loved cafe restaurant will launch a new evening service from Wednesdays to Saturdays with a new "Yurt Bistro" concept that will combine a sustainable, traceable British menu with an affordability and simplicity that is associated with traditional French bistros.

    At just £15 for two courses and £18 for three, the Yurt Bistro will launch on Wednesday 8 February with a menu that combats food waste, using out of vogue ingredients and cuts of meat that would usually be resigned to the butchers bone bin to create informal, hearty and tasty dishes for everyone to enjoy.

    Nestled behind Brunel's famous old station, Yurt Lush was created by the Eat Drink Bristol Fashion team as a calming food hub away from the hustle and bustle of Bristol's busy city centre. Having attained the highest possible sustainability ratings from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, Yurt Lush has long offered Bristol an ethically minded food offering and is proud to launch a new bistro menu which aims to cement the venue's standing as one of the city's most sustainable places to eat.

    For advanced bookings at Yurt Bistro please call or text 07582 042 090.