Yurt Lush Small Plates are Back for Feb!

With the January hibernation season now soon to pass we are pretty excited to say that our Small Plates Menu is back soon and will be launching on Wednesday 14 February.

Running in the evenings from Wednesday to Friday, the new menu will hit the spot whether you’re after a bit to eat with a drink or a full evening feed!

From braised beef shin risotto to baked hens egg with soldiers the menu will offer a host of mouth-watering dishes for meat lovers, while vegetarians will be well catered for with some Root inspired dishes on the menu including the famous pan-roasted cauliflower steak which has become a firm favourite at Wapping Wharf.

To book, call 07582 048090 and secure a table!

Sample Menu

Pan roasted cauliflower, roasted cauliflower puree and chimichurri 6.5

Salt baked beetroot, celeriac and roasted salsify, carrot and coconut broth 6.5

Slow braised shin, pearl barley and wild mushroom risotto, crispy kale 8.5

Seared cod cheeks, rarebit and black pudding croquettes 8

Sweet corn fritters, sweet corn puree 5.5

Baked hens egg, truffle custard, chervil, mark’s bread soldiers 7

2018 guest chef series announced at Root

We are delighted to announce the full 2018 lineup of Root's guest chef series which will see Rob Howell and co joined in the kitchen by some of the UK's finest chefs.

Salon, Brixton - Nicholas Balfe - Thursday 8 March

Wilson's, Bristol - Jan Wilson - Monday 9 April

Plates, Shoreditch - Kirk Haworth - Tuesday 8 May

Elystan Street, Chelsea - Toby Burrowes - Thursday 7 June

Whatley Manor, Malmesbury - Niall Keating - Monday  2 July

Each evening will be six courses with three from Root and three from each guest chef at £50 per head. 

You can book by calling 0117 930 0260

Salon Brixton to kick off new Guest Chef Series at Root

Further to our pre-Christmas announcement, we are delighted to announce that south London heavyweights, Salon will kick off a new guest chef series at Root on Thursday 8 March. 

Going back to our roots of inter-city restaurant collaboration we are delighted to welcome the Salon team all the way from Brixton where they will team up with the Root crew to offer a cracking night out. 

Earning plaudits from across the capital, Salon Head-Chef and founder Nick Balfe, Mark Gurney and their team will be heading down the M4 with a six course menu on offer. Each restaurant will offer three dishes each and kick off the series in style. 
£50 per ticket - 6 courses

To be purchased when reserving. Please call 0117 930 0260


Root Christmas Menu is hereeee!

With Christmas a matter of weeks away, the team at Root are busy preparing for their first ever festive season!

After much planning, Rob, Marcos and the kitchen team have got a stellar menu for all your yuletide needs this year. 

Our big table can fit one group of 12 and we can cater for other smaller groups. For enquiries about taking the whole restaurant with up to 35 covers, please contact the Root team on 0117 930 0260


Root Christmas Set Menu


Sourdough & Flatbreads
Butter - Cod's Roe

Hazelnuts - Seaweed - Blackberry  
Roasted Squash
Stilton - Walnut - Chicory
Cider Rarebit
Sourdough - Sauerkraut



Cauliflower Risotto
Raw & Crispy Cauliflower   
Carrot - Coriander
Salt Baked Celeriac
Broth - Parsley - Shallot



Creme Caramel
As Is
Spotted Dick
Piccalilli - Crackers

£25 Per Person 

Our set menu reflects our menu available at Root,  if your party would like to add either meat or fish, they can be pre-ordered, and these dishes will be served alongside the main course.
(Both options will be charged at an additional price of 5 pounds)

Please inform us of any dietary requirements. Menu is subject to change due to seasonality and product availability.

Yurt Lush standards for operating sustainably

Yurt Lush champions a sustainable approach to the way we operate, committing to constantly improving how we work and reducing our impact regionally and globally. We built our business with a ‘field to fork’ ethos, aiming to work directly with local producers and suppliers as much as possible to reduce supply chains and cut out the middle man.

Beyond supporting local food systems, we aim to consistently review our overall operations. We want to ensure we’re acting consciously and making changes where we can to make a positive contribution to the catering industry.

We have laid out our standards below, split into three areas: sourcing, operations and community. These will be reviewed annually to measure our success and where we might be able to improve.


1. All eggs should be free range and sourced within 35 miles

2. All meat and fish should be traceable – if unsure you must ask the supplier

3. Our supply chain should always favour local and seasonal produce wherever possible

4. At least 50% of meat should come from farms within a 100 mile radius

5. All pork and poultry should be free-range as a baseline and organic where possible

6. All beef and lamb should be pasture reared and organic where possible

7. All milk should be organic and sourced within 30 miles

8. All cheese should be from UK farms, with 10% sourced from local farms within 20 miles

9. Never use fish on the Marine Conservation Society ‘Fish to Avoid’ list http://www.fishonline.org/fishfinder?min=5&max=5&fish=&avoid=1

10. Fruit and vegetables must be sourced from the UK wherever possible and any fresh produce being imported must be European and shipped rather than air freighted where available

11. Bread and cake products should be sourced from local producers


1. Coffee should be of single source origin and use a direct trade or Fairtrade model

2. Decaffeinated coffee should be organic

3. Milk alternatives should be organic

4. Drinking chocolate should be Fairtrade

5. Black, green and herbal teas should be organic and Fairtrade

6. The wine list should include at least one organic or English wine

7. 25% of our soft drinks should be locally sourced

8. Sugar should be Fairtrade and sourcing should favour beet and UK produce where possible disposables


1. Recycled versions of paper products and packaging should be ordered where available

2. All disposables sourced should be compostable, including straws

3. Low impact or ecological cleaning products should be sourced operations waste


1. All waste must be appropriately separated into food waste, mixed recycling and glass. General waste must only be used for items that cannot be recycled

2. Waste items should be upcycled / used creatively where possible. For example, catering tins can be used for herb planters and wine coolers

3. Waste volumes must be monitored quarterly and any increases addressed

4. Customers are encouraged to take home their leftovers to reduce plate waste

5. Customers are encouraged to take home our coffee grounds

6. Customers must be offered a discount on hot drink purchases if they bring a reusable cup with them

7. The venue must be ‘zero landfill’ with all general waste going to RDF facility energy


1. The venue must be on a green energy tariff from a local provider

2. Sinks must not be filled past the maximum fill line during prep and wash up and water must not be run continuously

3. Gas burners must not be on between use

4. Use of electric must be monitored daily so there is nothing in use unnecessarily


1. All our staff are given contracts

2. We commit to minimum number of regular weekly hours for all staff

3. All staff are paid the same starting wage regardless of their age

4. All tips are distributed evenly between the Front of House and Back of House staff, based on their hours

5. We recognise the contribution of our staff members through an ‘Employee of the Month’ scheme local community


1. Accept the Bristol Pound local currency to support the local economy

2. Designate at least one charity partner annually with an aspiration of raising £200-500 in funds through promotions in house

3. We offer our venue to community groups for use without charge to support networking / community action targets


Remove palm oil from the supply chain by 2020

Make the menu 75% vegetarian / 25% meat based by December 2018

Increase % of organic meat on the menu to 40% by 2020

We aim to use less popular cuts of meat to support ‘nose to tail’ dining


Reduce overall electric usage by 10% by 2020


Reduce food waste by 10% by December 2018

Reduce general waste by 20% by December 2018

Reduce supplier packaging by 10% by December 2018


Increase funds raised annually for charity partners to a minimum of £1000 by 2020


Buy a YURT LUSH coffee cup, save the planet!

All of us at Yurt Lush are delighted to be selling re-usable Ecoffee cups made from natural bamboo fibres to help make A dent in the 100 billion single-use coffee cups that go to land fill each year!

Every time you use your Ecoffee Cup you're helping...  But imagine if we all did it? It could really add up to a lot of cups per day – and even more per year. So with the powers of social media to help us in our quest to raise awareness – and effect some real change in the way people drink their takeaway coffee – we're seeking your help to spread the word by tweeting #stopthe100billion. 

At £8 each from Yurt Lush, not only are you helping save the planet but you also get a free coffee with your purchase. 

Furthermore, whenever you bring your own mug for a coffee, we'll give you aN EXTRA discount TOO! Wahoo!

Join Team Root!

We are recruiting for two roles at Root, our new veg led restaurant at Wapping Wharf! Do you fancy joining the Eat Drink Bristol Fashion family? 


We're looking for a highly professional Front of House Shift Manager to join our team at Root.

The role is for a full time Shift Manager who is available to work variable shifts throughout the week. It is vital that you have a strong experience of management in hospitality positions - including staff and cash management. Barista, bar and table service experience is essential.

The applicant must have excellent customer service skills, good initiative, a genuine passion for sustainability, food and the desire to be a positive, professional part of our team. The role is rewarding and will require a creative and flexible approach from our staff members.

To apply, please email us a CV to root@eatdrinkbristolfashion.co.uk highlighting your relevant experience.


Root is currently recruiting for a Front of House Team Member with passion and experience to the highest of standard and it would ideally be suited to a candidate in a similar role.

Reporting directly to the General Manager as a Team Member you will be responsible for:

* Serving our customers to the highest standard

• Supplying the highest possible level of guest care and service to the customers

• Ensuring that all areas are stocked and ready for operation

• Having a fully understanding of the drinks and food menu

We are looking for someone who is able to work a variety of shifts across the week, including weekends. In addition, you must be able to retain information regarding our menu and be of a sunny disposition.

If you have effective communication skills, good attention to detail and are clearly customer focused with a dynamic and flexible approach then this is the job for you.

We value all applications, however due to the volume of response we are currently receiving, we are only able to contact candidates whose skills and experience closely match the requirements.

Contact root@eatdrinkbristolfashion.co.uk