Buy a YURT LUSH coffee cup, save the planet!

All of us at Yurt Lush are delighted to be selling re-usable Ecoffee cups made from natural bamboo fibres to help make A dent in the 100 billion single-use coffee cups that go to land fill each year!

Every time you use your Ecoffee Cup you're helping...  But imagine if we all did it? It could really add up to a lot of cups per day – and even more per year. So with the powers of social media to help us in our quest to raise awareness – and effect some real change in the way people drink their takeaway coffee – we're seeking your help to spread the word by tweeting #stopthe100billion. 

At £8 each from Yurt Lush, not only are you helping save the planet but you also get a free coffee with your purchase. 

Furthermore, whenever you bring your own mug for a coffee, we'll give you aN EXTRA discount TOO! Wahoo!